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Combined Federal Campaign

Calling All Federal Employees!
The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the world's largest annual workplace giving campaign. The campaign season is September 1st to December 15th and during this time federal employees can designate Common Sense Environmental Fund as the recipient of their contributions. Our CFC campaign number is 84375. Please also look for us in various state and municipal campaigns. Many thanks for your support of our conservation efforts!
Our Mission / Fund Values / Our Ethical Principals

The Common Sense Environmental Fund (CSEF) is a global wildlife conservation organization based in Washington, DC. We are working to achieve a world where wildlife conservation is a priority and trained conservation professionals in every country are engaged in ensuring species survival. We work to accomplish this through cooperative relationships with a myriad of international partners. Our experienced team conducts the necessary research and analysis to determine which projects have the most effective strategies to address our planet's needs. The organization only invests in projects that demonstrate the highest levels of value and integrity, and spend a minimum of 80% of their funds on biodiversity, forest, international, sustainable agriculture, wetlands and water/marine research, conservation and restoration.


The Common Sense Environmental Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Donate here.

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Our Mission

ur mission is to bring about a world where wildlife is abundant and extinctions are rare, a world where people esteem wildlife and recognize the importance of biological diversity to their own well-being.

CSEF works worldwide to save threatened species from extinction, protect habitat and open space, and improve ecological health through collaborative projects with scientists, researchers and educators. We focus on human-modified landscapes and seascapes where biodiversity is at risk due to habitat loss, disrupted ecosystems, and other environmental changes.

We invest in the world's best conservationists, educators, engineers, researchers and scientists, the professionals in the best position to preserve wildlife. The Common Sense Environmental Fund's ability to be effective is directly related to our independence and programmatic focus on our partners. We empower the most valuable conservation projects by leveraging our financial resources where they have the most impact.

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Fund Values

estoring natural systems and the plant and animal communities that once thrived in them will help ensure a sustainable flow of natural resources as well as innumerable benefits to mankind.
As stated by CSEF's founder, Dr. Richard W. Popino,  "conserving biodiversity and preventing the extinction of individual species are ethical and practical imperatives and biodiversity, forest, international, sustainable agriculture, wetland and water/marine projects are critical to the health of the eco-systems that support life on earth."


CSEF believes the conservation of flora and fauna is key to maintaining ecosystems, and there are cultural, ethical, aesthetic and economic reasons to conserve species. We believe that focused research and well designed restoration projects are the foundation to protecting species for future generations. These projects will touch all segments of our civilization from farming to industry to individual lives. Governments cannot solve all our problems. Important as they are, they are only part of the solution. Also needed are individual responsibility and actions to undo man-made damage. We must learn to make decisions based on their impact on the Earth and their contribution to sustainability.

Our Ethical Principles:

All life depends on a healthy, well functioning ecosystem.

The Earth has a limited supply of resources which must be shared by all living things.

Effective Conservation efforts are guided by sound scientific research.

Targeted restoration can undo damage caused by man.

Humans are part of nature, subject to its rules.
We violate the rules at our own risk.

To save our planet for future generations we need your help. Your contribution to The Common Sense Environmental Fund is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

To make a donation please click here.

Sign our petition to help CSEF put pressure on Denmark
to stop the slaughter of whales on the Faroe Islands.

For more information call: (703) 759-9796 or email us at: EnviroFund@csshme.com


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